The modern vision of pastry making.

Three years of research, analysis, testing, discussion, insights and comparisons to achieve the goal: to provide the natural evolution of the "Handbook of Italian Pastry" (best seller published by Chiriotti Publishers in the 90s). A flexible instrument and ideal for today's professionals.

More than 800 pages of dense technical illustrations and not just recipes, but all the tools to build your own way to work and evolve, through tools and ideas to get your "own" pastry, made up of studio, practice tests, technique, emotion and creativity . Hence the concept of creative science, according to a modern and dynamic vision.

My book, of course, is made up of technique and recipes, but aims at offering even more, helping to reason, to “build” your own way of working, thinking, acting and evolving. Therefore, not just technical concepts but experience, the results of experimenting and trials in the field, of an exchange of views at an international level and a huge amount of research and meditation

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