Leonardo is a pioneer of scientific pastry making, the chef who has pulled pastry-making away from the idea of traditional recipes. Thanks to his clever intuitions, curiosity and a desire to turn upside down traditional mindsets he manages to turn anyone who attends his courses into a protagonist.
His ability to do so is fed by his outgoing personality and the right motivation, acquired through many significant experiences over his professional career.

As he attended prestigious European schools and worked with famous master pastry chefs, his will to compete against others grew and for a few years led him to adventure into competitions, where he was always successful

  • 1st place in the 1996 Junior Championships
  • 1st place in the 1998 Senior Championships
  • 3rd place at Lyon in the 2001 Coupe du Monde, with a brilliant first prize awarded by the press for the best chocolate cake
  • In 2002 first place at the European Cup
  • In 2004 achieved the coveted first place at the Rimini World Championships

His passion for the art of pastry making developed and he began a period of travelling abroad, attending refresher courses, studying and acquiring specialist books for his collection.
In early January 2012 he published “TRADIZIONE IN EVOLUZIONE” and so, his dream came true: to gather all these notions and practical tests into a manual available to anyone who wished to seek answers and find the basic methods with which to create “their own” recipes and take a 360° journey through the world of pastry making.

In 2015, to meet the pressing demand from abroad, he published “TRADITION IN EVOLUTION”, the English translation of his manual.

His appearance in the TV programme “IL PIU’ GRANDE PASTICCERE – THE BEST PASTRY CHEF” broadcast by RAI2, where he is a popular well-liked judge, has not distracted him from another important objective. In 2015, together with his wife Michela he founded “PASTRY CONCEPT ®” at CONEGLIANO (Treviso) Italy, his own technologically advanced research and development laboratory, including a lecture room in which to hold courses.

On the occasion of its first anniversary, PASTRY CONCEPT organized an event to thank all those who had believed in this important new venture and also to present a new publishing project. BUONA LA PRIMA is a selection of recipes collected during PASTRY CONCEPT's first year of activity in cooperation with its most assiduous course attendees.
Proceeds from this Book were donated to SAVE THE CHILDREN, making PASTRY CONCEPT a corporate partner for 2016/2017.

He also publishes columns in trade journals.